These Bible Studies are intended to provide you with a Christian resource while you are commuting.

We believe that this page will become a valuable resource for those of you that would like to take spirit-filled resources with you while you commute.  We believe and pray that these resources will become a mighty blessing in your life!  Instructions for using our MP3 files are located at the bottom of the page.  If you are not technically inclined and would simply like to have a CD sent to you with various titles, please click on "feed back" and specify that your request is for a CD; please include the title.  We only ask that you make an offering to our ministry that will cover the costs of time and materials.  Enjoy! 


Connecting the Dots

By Ivan Perrino

  This audio MP3 teaching will help you consider/reconsider your personal walk with Christ; it will literally help you connect dots!

An MP3 file will be created and placed in your /Windows/Temporary Internet Files directory.  The file name will be directly related to the title that you have chosen above. You can copy that MP3 file and either create a CD or copy it into your portable MP3 player.  Use these materials while you commute; you will discover that the word of God will fill your automobile and make your commute more enjoyable in the Lord!

If your computer is not capable of playing these download files, you can download the free "Real Player" by clicking on the link.  Make sure to select the "Basic Player;" it is free.