These Studies focus upon or are somehow related to the Biblical concept known as "Grace."

Fingerprints of Grace


  God has so intricately designed us that the print made by our fingers uniquely identifies each one of His children.  The hand of God’s grace is upon us and the fingerprints of His grace are evident throughout the natural world.  Venture into this Bible Study and learn how His grace has left telltale signs in nature, in our bodies, and throughout His Word! 
Grace Shouters


  There are four types of Grace: (1) “saving Grace;” (2) “justifying Grace;” (3) “teaching Grace;” and (4) “exempting Grace,” each type communicates a different understanding of grace!  Most of us have a working understanding of these four types of Biblical Grace.  However, in this bible study we are going to focus on yet a fifth type. This Grace is probably best expressed as the “enabling Grace” of God! 
God’s Favor


  Through this study we will learn about the importance of declaring God’s Favor and that the powerful Favor of God is tied directly to His Grace.  In fact we will learn how the words Favor and Grace are often interchangeable in the Bible.  We will learn how powerful our lips are to declare, speak, and proclaim the Favor of God upon our lives!