These Bible Studies are all grouped by the theme of "Numbers." You will learn that every occurrence of a number in Scripture has a distinct meaning!  You will develop the ability to decode numbers in natural and prophetic aspects of Scripture as a result of these studies!

Building Blocks of the Word


  It is not immediately apparent that the sixty-six books of Bible are actually directly related to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Aleph bet.  This Bible Study will investigate some of the amazing relationships between the Hebrew aleph bet, the Biblical meaning of numbers and the actually composition of the Bible.  Get ready to discover some amazing things that have been tucked away in the Bible!
The Star of David


  There is a direct relationship between numbers and Biblical truths.  There is an incredible connection between the Star of David and the trinity.  Three appears to be the signature of God’s creative essence.  We will examine how the number three relates to the Star of David, the cube, the Most Holy Place, truth, and even our Lord Jesus Christ! 
Trinity Structure



This study paints a vivid picture of the Trinity Structure through which the Almighty manifests Himself!  We will learn in simple terms how God may be discovered through arithmetic and geometry!  Significant numbers in scripture express the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in ways we have never considered!  Our journey starts with the Most Holy Place and ends in the Trinity!  We also recommend the Bible Study entitled, “Numbers in Scripture.”