These Bible Studies are all grouped by the Biblical theme known as, "the Blessing."

Anointed Son of The Blessed


  There is a connection between the anointing and receiving a blessings.  We will examine this important connection more carefully through this Bible Study.  We will research the history, usage, and methods of production of anointing oil.  We will also examine those awesome products that come about as a result of the anointing.  Finally, we will assemble the connection between the anointing and blessings.
The Blessings of the LORD


  Most Christians are woefully unaware of the blessings of Abraham!  To be blessed is to realize true Biblical peace known as “shalom.”  We will learn that the Bible identifies five paths that every Christian certainly must travel in order to arrive at the place of blessings in his/her life.  Finally, we understand that we are supposed to be a blessing to all nations; when we embark upon blessing them we discover that we ourselves are blessed. Through this exchange we begin to experience true shalom and Biblical prosperity!