These Studies focus upon or in someway relate to the Biblical concept known as the "Church."

The Rest of Esther


  This study a breath taking review of the Book of Esther!  However, the student will soon learn that there is more hidden (by the way, the name Esther means "hidden") beneath the text of the book!  You are about to discover that the Book of Esther is a type of every single person in the Church of Jesus Christ! 

Seven Gentile Brides


  The Bible identifies six specific gentile brides; since the church of Jesus Christ (gentile by nature) is going to marry Jesus, we better learn what we can from those Gentile brides identified in Scripture.



  The Apostle Paul made the statement almost in passing that we are “Ambassadors” for Christ.  In this Bible Study we will discover that the governmental title that Paul used was much more than a mere analogy.  We will learn that there is a direct relationship between our prayer, “thy kingdom come” and our position as “Ambassadors” for Christ.

Why The Righteousness of God?


  Paul wrote that through Jesus we have become, “the righteousness of God.”  In this Bible study we will begin to learn the significance of exactly what that means.  We will also learn that we should be living in much greater confidence now that our basic essence is righteousness.

Eliezer Factor


  Abraham had a special chief servant named of Eliezer.  The father of the faithful sent Eliezer into Mesopotamia the land of Abraham’s nativity to find a bride for his son Isaac.  This study investigates the significance of the ten camels laden with goods which Eliezer delivered to Rebecca (Rivkah).  This study exposes the direct spiritual correlation between the gifts of the Holy Spirit and Eliezer’s Camels.                                               

The Blessings of the LORD


  Most Christians are woefully unaware of the blessings of Abraham!  To be blessed is to realize true Biblical peace known as “shalom.”  We will learn that the Bible identifies five paths that every Christian certainly must travel in order to arrive at the place of blessings in his/her life.  Finally, we understand that we are supposed to be a blessing to all nations; when we embark upon blessing them we discover that we ourselves are blessed. Through this exchange we begin to experience true shalom and Biblical prosperity!

Anointed Son of The Blessed


  There is a connection between the anointing and receiving a blessings.  We will examine this important connection more carefully through this Bible Study.  We will research the history, usage, and methods of production of anointing oil.  We will also examine those awesome products that come about as a result of the anointing.  Finally, we will assemble the connection between the anointing and blessings.