These Studies focus upon or are somehow related to the Biblical concept known as "Healing."

 The Children's Bread


  We take a look at Gentile woman from Canaan who discovered herself from Jesus that healing is part of the "children's bread."  We are going to use this woman as a sort of prophecy for the Christian church today.  There are at least seven reasons why we should believe in healing.  This Bible Study focuses on those reasons.
The Hindering of our Healing


  Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” has become an enigma within the Christian community.  Some claim that their physical infirmities with regard to ill health have come directly from God.  Is this true?  It seems a little confusing the God would make one sick and also heal them.  Should Christians expect the grace of the cross to bring about healing in their bodies when sick?  This Bible Study will examine the scriptural support behind the concepts with regard to healing that every Christian should understand.  You will learn what Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” truly was.
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