These Studies focus upon or are somehow related to the Biblical concept of the third person of the Trinity; He is known as "the Holy Spirit."

Inside Information


  Wouldn’t you like to know what is going to happen tomorrow?  Everyone would like to have that kind of inside information.  This Bible Study will teach how you can receive information from outside of the normal five senses!  It will explain how our unction from God will actually give us information that is unavailable to the world at large!
The Holy Spirit


  We Christians are quite familiar with the Father and the Son (Jesus); however, of all the “personages,” which make-up the Trinity, we are the least informed concerning the Holy Spirit! 
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit


  We can correlate three specific and distinct operational aspects of the Holy Spirit especially as He has chosen to work with mankind throughout history since the time of Noah.  Let us look into this concept more directly especially in view of the word pictures established by Noah.   The first sending out of the dove represents the Old Testament period from Genesis to Malachi; The second sending out of the dove represents the short transition period of time recorded by the four Gospels; essentially, this period lasts from John the Baptist until the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ; The third sending out of the dove represents the extended period from the day of Pentecost until today.
The Mystery of God in Us


  Do we really understand the finished work of Jesus Christ?  In fact, what is His finished work?  What specifically does His finished work mean for us today?  And, what does the finished work of Jesus have to do with the Holy Spirit?
Being Led By the Holy Spirit


  Every single child of God should expect to be led by the spirit!  This should not be the exception; instead it should be the rule.  You and I who are in Christ have become something new.  Jeremiah speaks of God doing some new thing, “for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth” (Jer 31:22).  The Apostle Paul expands the concept, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Cor 5:17). 
Baptism of the Holy Spirit


  There are three baptisms described in the Biblical record: (1) Baptism into the body of Christ at the confession of faith during the sinner’s prayer; (2) Baptism into water during the public profession of a Christian’s faith; and (3) Baptism by the Holy Spirit as occurred on the Day of Pentecost during the year the Jesus was crucified.  This third baptism is perhaps the most controversial.  Therefore, we will look at many scriptures that define the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  
Anointed Son of The Blessed


  There is a connection between the anointing and receiving a blessings.  We will examine this important connection more carefully through this Bible Study.  We will research the history, usage, and methods of production of anointing oil.  We will also examine those awesome products that come about as a result of the anointing.  Finally, we will assemble the connection between the anointing and blessings.
The Blessings of the LORD


  Most Christians are woefully unaware of the blessings of Abraham!  To be blessed is to realize true Biblical peace known as “shalom.”  We will learn that the Bible identifies five paths that every Christian certainly must travel in order to arrive at the place of blessings in his/her life.  Finally, we understand that we are supposed to be a blessing to all nations; when we embark upon blessing them we discover that we ourselves are blessed. Through this exchange we begin to experience true shalom and Biblical prosperity!