These Studies focus upon or are somehow related to the human condition.

Book of Remberance 


  Malachi recorded, “Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name” (Mal 3:16).   It is important for each of us to meditate upon your own private past.  We must become sensitive to various times in our past in order to recognize where God has intervened!  In this study you will learn that the ancient forefathers of the Bible used their walking staff as a method of recording their personal family history!  
Why did God give the Law?


  In this Bible Study we are going to seek an answer to the question, “Why did God send the law?” And secondly, we will ask, “What does God intend for us to do with the Old Testament Law?”  Since it is critical that we clearly understand the difference between the Old and New Covenants this study will focus on that difference.
 The Shipwrecks of our Lives


  The 27th Chapter of Acts holds some amazing secrets concerning shipwrecks in our lives.  Discover three things that are revealed which can keep us from shipwrecks and five things that we can do when we are in the midst of a shipwreck.
Hardness of Heart


  We must realize that unbelief is a significant aspect that influences the condition of our hearts!  If we are more dominated by our physical senses than we are by our sensitivity toward God’s word, then our heart will definitely be adversely affected!   We all tend to be strong in one area of spiritual development and yet weak in another area.
Spirit, Soul, and Body


  The Bible teaches that humans are made-up of three essential components.  In this study we will examine each of those component elements and discover how we are to use that information in order to grow up in to full maturity in the Lord. 


  We begin this Bible Study by studying the roots of human knowledge.  Next we learn that all knowledge comes from the LORD.  Human knowledge is then placed juxtaposed to God’s.  The Bible Study concludes with the discovery of how exactly we human beings can obtain God’s knowledge! 
Morning by Morning


  There are special daily blessings available to every Christian who will avail themselves.  The question is how and when do we make ourselves available.  This bible study will examine the plain yet hidden examples of many of the Biblical forefathers who have taken advantage. 
Dreams & Visions


  God often chooses to speak to humans through dreams and visions.  There are five specific categories of dreams and visions that God shares with humanity: (1) Warning; (2) Futuristic; (3) Spirit Realm; (4) Inspirational; and (5) Instructional.  This bible study shares examples of each.  We will also learn the difference between a dream and a vision.
Death of a Seed!


  What is the secret of those special people in whom God has performed miraculous works?  What is their secret that God could manifest Himself so powerfully through them?  We must understand that our physical flesh encapsulates and obscures our spirit man within!  That outer shell must break in order for the spirit to manifest itself, “that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die” (1 Cor 15:36).  It is only when the outer shell dies that the inner seed’s life is manifest!
He Shall Come as a Flood!


  Many of us have experienced a feeling of utter helplessness after having been completely overwhelmed by external circumstances!  This Study shows how that instead of being overwhelmed by natural conditions, our God is the “God of the Break Through!”  Instead of the devil, God is the overpowering force of the universe; this study will demonstrate exactly how we can clear our thinking in this regard.
Serving in the Temple of God


  The temple of God consisted of three distinct regions: These regions are known as: (1) Outer Court; (2) the Inner Court known as the Holy Place; and (3) The Most Holy Place which was the location of the Ark of God.  There are also three partitions that make up the human. This Study will help us comprehend the location of our service.  We will also learn the components necessary for moving up to the next level.  We also recommend the Bible Study entitled, “Body, Soul, and Spirit.”