These Studies focus upon or are somehow related to the Biblical concept known as the "Messiah."

What was Jesus' Message


  Jesus turned the world upside down when He brought a very special message from God Almighty; in fact His message is the most important announcement the we human beings will ever hear!  But, what is that message that He brought?  It is as if the name Jesus Christ embodies the gospel message.  There are two components  to that name and each component identifies a different aspect of the gospel message.  Find out how in this study! 


  Discover like never before what the Book of Philemon is all about!
The Book of Ruth


  Perhaps the Book of Ruth is one of the most beautiful books of the Bible.  Within its pages it subtly reveals all of the following mysteries: the secret of the modern church, the secret of the fate of the children of Israel, the secret of the Messiah, the secret regarding the locality of the church during the time of the great tribulation, and perhaps most importantly, the secret behind the Biblical concept of redemption!
The Light of the World


  Have any of you ever wondered how the Jews came up with Chanukah the known to them as the “festival of lights?”  Does their festival have any relevance or association with Christian festivals?  In this Bible Study we will examine these questions and come up with amazing revelations leading to deeper understanding of the Judeo-Christian God.    
Anointed Prophet Priest & King


  Jesus Christ was anointed into three separate offices.  He was anointed to be: (1) a Prophet, (2) a Priest, and (3) a King.  He operated in these three types of anointing; therefore we need to learn the significance of each.  We Christians walk in His anointing!  We learn in this study that our Christian walk requires functioning as a Prophet, Priest and a King!
David’s Special Heart


  God found David a man after His own heart.  What was it that was so special about David’s heart?  In this study we will learn that David lived three distinct and separate lives: (1) as a shepherd; (2) as a fugitive; and (3) as a king.  In each of these roles, David continually exhibited a heart for the sheep!  David’s secret of heart is that he foreshadowed/mirrored the heart of the true Good Shepherd, Jesus!    
Under the Shadow of His Wings


  Do you know what the wings of the Most High are?  If God has wings and humans are made in the likeness (image) of God, then why don’t we humans have wings too?   This Bible Study will examine the source of the healing power under God’s wings.  It will demonstrate to you just how you can “dwell in the secret place of the Most High,” “under the Shadow of the Almighty!”  Come and take refuge under His wings!
The Blood of the Lamb


  Blood is the most unique of all the body substances.  This study will examine the blood of the Lamb!  You will learn how God the Father sent his Son to be the sacrifice for all mankind.  You will discover how God marked his lamb with His own family name!  You will learn what the blood of the Lamb does for you and the sequence and places from which Jesus the Lamb of God spilled His Blood!
Anointed Son of The Blessed


  There is a connection between the anointing and receiving a blessings.  We will examine this important connection more carefully through this Bible Study.  We will research the history, usage, and methods of production of anointing oil.  We will also examine those awesome products that come about as a result of the anointing.  Finally, we will assemble the connection between the anointing and blessings.