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We are seeking Partners who will help us to fulfill the LORD's great vision! 

The importance of partners in the New Testament is incalculable. 

Romans 10:15 says, “And how shall they preach unless they are sent? The Lord has sent us with a special and unique message; we believe that He will abundantly supply partners who will lend their support to the LORD by sending us! 

When the Lord gives vision, He also gives provision; where the LORD guides, He also provides!

We have a special and unique message from the LORD to take into the world; we believe that He will speak to individuals who will respond to His voice and partner with us!  If the LORD has touched you by this ministry, we believe that He is leading you into partnership with us to complete this great vision.  We believe that our partners will likewise share with us in the LORD's Great Harvest! 

Becoming a Partner with Rivkah Ministries is a three-step process:   

(1) Complete the sections below entitled:  Comments, Interest, and Information;

(2) Click on the "Submit Feedback" button and then when presented, "Return to Form";

(3) If you wish to make a donation, click on the "Donate" button and complete the credit card information

     or simply send a check to the address shown:


(1) Comments:



Partner Monthly Pledge Amount $


Please Click on the "Submit Feedback" button above to ensure we have your current information.                                                                          After you review your information, click on "Return to Form."


(3)    When you are ready to make a donation using a credit card, simply click on the    xxx"Donate" button below and then fill in Credit Card information. 

       or     if you prefer to send a check please mail your offering to:    

                                     Rivkah Ministristries

                                     445-C East Cheyenne Mountain Blvd #322

                                             Colorado Springs, CO 80906-4570

                     ==Click here to make a donation on-line

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